John Mahoney, Bloomberg Radio Affiliate Interviews PM Steve Scruggs

Listen as Steve Scruggs gives his thoughts on the uncertainty as the economy slowly reopens, the possibility of a V, U or W-shaped recovery, the moral hazards created by the massive Fed stimulus, and his cancelled colonoscopy.


Interview Timeline

  • 1:40–Uncertainty as economy reopens
  • 2:30–Was it a bear market or just a pullback?
  • 5:20–Will it be a V, U or W-shaped recovery?
  • 8:50–Not exactly like “shooting fish in a barrel” this time
  • 13:48–Colonoscopy got cancelled
  • 15:00–Queens Road Funds investment process
  • 18:00–Morningstar Gold Rating & Five Stars
  • 23:48–Does Steve Scruggs secretly play Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec?
  • 25:40–Every day I get a report card