Radio Interview with Portfolio Manager Steve Scruggs

John Mahoney, Bloomberg Radio Affiliate Interviews PM Steve Scruggs

Listen as Steve Scruggs gives his thoughts on the uncertainty as the economy slowly reopens, the possibility of a V, U or W-shaped recovery, the moral hazards created by the massive Fed stimulus, and his cancelled colonoscopy.


Interview Timeline

  • 1:40–Uncertainty as economy reopens
  • 2:30–Was it a bear market or just a pullback?
  • 5:20–Will it be a V, U or W-shaped recovery?
  • 8:50–Not exactly like “shooting fish in a barrel” this time
  • 13:48–Colonoscopy got cancelled
  • 15:00–Queens Road Funds investment process
  • 18:00–Morningstar Gold Rating & Five Stars
  • 23:48–Does Steve Scruggs secretly play Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec?
  • 25:40–Every day I get a report card